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Paintball Q & A

How Old Do I Have to be to Play?

Ages 14 and up, no one under 14 years of age will be allowed to play. All players must sign a waiver each day before they play. Any player under 18 must also have a parent/legal guardian sign their waiver in order for them to play. The waiver must be dated for the day of play or it is invalid. A new waiver must be signed by every player every day they play.


What Should I Wear?

Wear old clothes, most paintballs don't stain, but you will get dirty. We recommend long pants and sleeves, tennis shoes or boots, and a baseball cap turned backwards to protect the top of your head. The Safety Mask will cover and protect your face.


Does it Hurt?

Yes, it stings a little bit. It can leave a small bruise and even break the skin if you are wearing thin clothing. The thicker the clothes you wear, the less it will hurt when you get hit by a paintball. Most people wear blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Getting hit by a paintball hurts much less than getting hit by a softball or baseball, but if you just don't take pain well at all, then you can wear elbow pads, and knee pads if you choose.


If it Hurts, is it Safe for Me or My Child to Play?

Yes, it is very safe, as long as everyone follows the safety rules. The most obvious danger to paintball is getting shot in the eye, but if everyone follows the safety rules, the chance of this happening is very small. The most common dangers you have to wory about are tripping over your own feet or running into something.


How Many Paintballs Will I Shoot and How Long Will They Last?

On an average day of play, most players will shoot between 500 & 1000 paintballs and play for 2 to 3 hours. Games last about 10-15 minutes on average. How many paintballs you shoot in a game depends on how long you are in the game and how many you ration yourself and take onto the field for the game. Once you have been shot, you are out of that game and must exit the field until the next game.

Every group will be supervised by a referee and no one is allowed to play without a ref at any time.